Recently Bat For A Chance had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Glamorgan County Cricket Club and help spread the two party’s love for the sport to Bosnia through the work being undertaken by the Baobab Project in Bosnia. 

At the centre of the project is a refugee camp situated in Bosnia that currently houses several refugees. Following an initial request from the British Ambassador to the Vatican who asked for help in facilitating and supporting cricket played in the refugee camp, the proposal was then passed to our partner charity Cricket Without Boundaries.

 As a charity whose mission is to help spread the joy of cricket with those who currently face barriers in participating, we were excited to get involved with such a project. However, our donation to the Baobab Project would not have been possible if not for the generosity of Glamorgan County Cricket Club. The Welsh-based club donated all the equipment for this donation, and we would like to extend our thanks to the club for their generosity.   

When talking about the donation, Will Gaffney, the founder of Bat For A Chance, explained that ‘This is a lovely example of what cricket can do for people and really shows the escape it provides, the photos we received were incredibly moving and you can see the excitement the kit brought upon arrival !’.

Spread Smiles In Bosnia

Along side helping individuals overseas, Bat For A Chance understands how important the donation of equipment can be no matter where it reaches. Bat For A Chance was contacted by Kent Cricket Direct, who was one of the charity’s first donors, about Southborough CC based in Tunbridge Wells, England. Southborough CC are a grassroots cricket team that recently had an influx of junior cricketers wanting to play hardball cricket. However, many of the new players were un able to source and purchase equipment. After seeking donations, the charity was able to source kit for eight players, and we look forward to following their progression.  


Gaffney presented that it is great to see more young English cricketers getting into the game after being trapped inside for so long. Grassroots cricket is such a unique part of the English game, and it is always great to be giving back to the essence of the English game.”   

If you have any spare kit to donate please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the donate kit button below ! 

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